Circulation Policy

Circulation Policy

Munising School Public Library

Date of approval: January 18, 2017

Purpose of Policy

Munising School Public Library (MSPL) is dedicated to providing the people of Alger County and the Munising Public School District with open access to ideas and information that are fundamental to our democracy.  MSPL protects intellectual freedom, promotes literacy, encourages lifelong learning, and provides library materials, information services, and a place of enrichment. Library materials are a shared, community resource and should be available to patrons in a fair and timely manner.  MSPL services are based on the principle that library patrons assume certain responsibilities to cooperate in sharing these community resources.

Borrowing Library Materials

The following rules apply to borrowing MSPL materials so they may be shared equitably.  The loan periods reflect a reasonable time period needed by the average patron to utilize the material and on the demand for the material.  An automated phone message is sent as a reminder to patrons a few days before any library material is due.

Reference materials, special collections, and contents of vertical files are for use in the library and do not circulate.

Library patrons may borrow library books, periodicals, loanable media, and certain equipment according the loaning periods defined below.  The patron in whose name the library material is checked out is responsible for assuring that the item is returned to the library.  A patron with an overdue, damaged, or lost library material loses borrowing privileges until the item is returned or, if the library material is lost or damaged, the applicable fine and/or fee is paid (see Table 2).


  1. A patron with a library card may borrow a book for a period of three (3) weeks.  A maximum of thirty (30) books may be checked-out at one time.  However, a student may check out a maximum of three (3) books at one time, unless the Library Director gives permission for more.
  2. A book may be renewed a maximum of two (2) times.  The first renewal may be made in person, by phone, or via the patron’s internet library account.  The subsequent renewals must be made in person.
  3. A book may not be renewed if its title is on a reserve list or on a hold request for another patron(s).
  4. If a library book is lost or returned damaged and unsuitable for the collection, as judged by the library staff, the patron will be charged the cost of replacement and processing and cataloguing.   If the damage is reparable, the patron will be assessed charges based on the cost of repair.


  1. A patron with a library card may borrow hardcopy magazines for a period of three (3) weeks.  The most current issue of a hardcopy magazine does not circulate.  A maximum of thirty (30) periodicals may be checked out at one time.
  2. A hardcopy magazine may be renewed a maximum of two (2) times.  The first renewal may be made in person, by phone, or via the patron’s internet library account. The second renewal must be made in person.
  3. A patron will be charged a fee of $3.50 for a damaged hardcopy magazine or a magazine thought to be lost.  Money will be returned to the patron if the lost magazine is returned to the MSPL in good condition within a month after payment.
  4. Free digital versions of a wider selection of magazines are available for cardholder checkout through an account with Zinio.  Information about a Zinio accountis available from library staff or via the library’s website.
  5. Newspapers remain in the library.

Digital Items

A digital book (eBook) and/or audiobook through the online service Overdrive is checked out for 14 days; check-in occurs automatically on the due date.  An item can be renewed prior to the due date.  A maximum of five (5) eBooks and audiobooks may be checked out at one time. Information about the Overdrive service is available from library staff and on MSPL’s website.

CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray

  1. CD audiobooks, Playaways®, and CD music may be borrowed for three (3) weeks by a patron with a library card.  These digital materials may be renewed two (2) times.  A maximum number of thirty (30) of these digital materials may be checked out at one time.  However, the maximum number that a student may check out is three (3).
  2. DVDs, and Blu-ray may be borrowed by a patron with a library card for seven (7) days.  A maximum of three (3) DVD/Blu-ray videos may be checked-out at the same time. They may not be renewed.
  3. A $1.00 overdue fee per DVD, and/or Blu-ray will be charged per day.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per item.
  4. Children under the age of fourteen (14) with a library card may check out DVDs and/or Blu-ray with a library card, as long as a Video Permission Form has been signed by a legal parent or legal guardian and is on file. 
  5. A patron who loses, misuses, or damages a CD, DVD, Playaway®, or Blu-ray will be responsible for the full replacement cost plus a service fee per item to cover processing costs.
  6. A patron who borrows a CD, DVD, Playaways®, or Blu-ray is responsible for adherence to copyright laws.  Copying copyrighted material owned by MSPL is prohibited.


The library’s MP3 disc players, Thermal Leak Detector, and Kill-A-Watt Meter may be borrowed for one (1) week by a card holder who is at least eighteen (18) years of age.  Other equipment is listed in Table 1.  An Equipment Borrowing Form must be signed by the patron, who agrees to cover the cost of repairs or replacement of the equipment if it is damaged, lost, or stolen. 

ChromeBooks are for use only by Munising Middle/High School students, faculty, and staff in the library.  If a class is not in session a student may check out the ChromeBook for in-library use only for that day.

Table 1: Loan periods for library items

Library Item Loan Period Renewal
Books 3 weeks Yes*, twice
Periodicals 3 weeks Yes*, twice
DVDs, and BluRay 7 days No
MP3 disc players 1 week No
CDs (music and audiobooks) 3 weeks Yes*, twice
eBooks through Overdrive 14 days Yes.  Ask librarian about limitations.
Playaways® 3 weeks No
Public Library Laptops In library use only NA
ChromeBooks In library use only by school students, faculty, staff NA
Kill-A-Watt Meter 1 week No
Thermal Leak Detector 1 week No
Slide Projector 1 day No

*An item will not be renewed if a “hold” has been placed on it.

Overdue and Non-returned Library Materials

MSPL is committed to provide service and materials that meet patrons’ needs.  Library materials are a shared resource and should be available to patrons in a fair and timely manner.  Materials not returned are unavailable to other patrons.  To encourage responsible behavior so that library materials are available to other users, there are consequences to patrons who fail to return borrowed books and other materials by the due date or return damaged items. Consequences include blocked privileges and/or payment of repair or replacement costs and a processing fee.  These library materials include, but are not limited to, books, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, and equipment.

Overdue fines, as well as fees for a damaged or lost item, are the responsibility of the cardholder.  A patron with a book or other material that is overdue is blocked from library computer usage and cannot download or use the digital services and cannot borrow another book or other material until the overdue items are returned and all fines and fees paid.

If a patron loses a book or other library material, the library card holder will be charged the replacement cost of the lost book or material and a non-refundable processing and cataloging fee per lost item.  If a book thought to be lost is found within 30 days of paying for a lost book, the replacement monies, less processing fee, will be returned to the patron if it is returned to the library in circulating condition.

A Munising Public School student who has not returned library material(s) must return all items or the parent/guardian will be billed by the library for the replacement cost(s) plus a non-refundable $3 processing fee per item at the end of the school year.

Table 2: Fines for Public Library overdue items

Library Item Fine per Item Other consequences
Books, CDs, Playaways® & Audiobooks $0.10 per day   Borrowing privileges, downloading ability and library computer privileges are suspended until item(s) is(are) returned.
Periodicals $0.10 per day
DVDs & BluRay $1.00 per day, max $5
All Circulating Equipment $1.00 per day
Lost Books, Audiobooks, Playaways®, CDs, DVDs Cost of replacement + processing & cataloging
Lost periodicals $3.50

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan service is available to MSPL card holders to borrow books, audio and video materials that MSPL does not own.  This free service retrieves titles or subject material from other libraries at the request of a library card holder.   This may be done online after logging on to MSPL’s website using library card identification or by request at the Circulation Desk.

  • Patron Initiated Interloans (PII) are interlibrary loan items that are requested from other northern Michigan libraries within the Superiorland Library Cooperative.  There is no charge to patrons who use this service.
  • MeLCat (Michigan eLibrary Catalog) is statewide interlibrary loan program for books, audio and video through the Library of Michigan where patron who cannot locate materials via PII can place holds on needed items free of charge.
  • Hard-to-find resources that cannot be obtained by PII or MeLCat may be requested through interlibrary loan via the Peabody program from libraries outside the State of Michigan.  Requests must be placed with the library staff.  They will determine if item is available for loan.  This service is free.
  • If the material is lost or damaged beyond repair, the loaning library will determine the replacement cost, as well as processing and cataloging fees.  The patron will be responsible for the cost and fees.

Reserving Library Materials

A library computer program keeps a temporary list of patrons wishing to borrow specific library materials that are already checked out.  The patron will be telephoned once the material is available and has seven (7) days to pick up the material after notification.  After seven (7) days, the patron next on the list will be telephoned to pick up the item being held or it will be returned to the collection where it originated.

Library materials on a reserve list will not be renewed.


MSPL abides by the Michigan Library Privacy Act1, which forbids library staff from providing anyone but the cardholder with records that identify library usage.  Information regarding patron use of materials is destroyed and/or deleted once service has been provided.


1 Michigan Library Privacy Act (1982, Public Act 455, Michigan Compiled Law 397.601 et seq.)