Library Card Policy

Date of approval:  January 18, 2017

Purpose of Policy

Munising School Public Library (MSPL) is dedicated to providing the people of Alger County and the Munising Public School District with open access to ideas and information that are fundamental to our democracy.  MSPL protects intellectual freedom, promotes literacy, encourages lifelong learning, and provides library materials, information services, and a place of enrichment.

MSPL serves the Munising Public Schools and the general public of Alger County, as well as citizens residing in the Munising Public School District within Schoolcraft County1.  The library is located in the Munising Middle/High School building, and, therefore, the library’s patrons are school students, faculty, staff, and the general public.   

Library Cards

MSPL issues resident and non-resident library cards, including those for Munising Public Middle/High School students and other youth.  A library card grants borrowing privileges and library public computer privileges.

Every patron who borrows materials is required show his/her MSPL card.  Library material will not be charged to any patron who does not show his/her card.   A MSPL patron is responsible for all materials borrowed on his/her library card and agrees to abide by the MSPL lending rules, policies, and regulations.  A library card may be used only by the patron to whom the card was issued.  MSPL library cards are not transferable.  Each patron may have only one MSPL library card. 

Library Card Registration

Resident Patrons

A library card is free to residents of Alger County, residents of the Munising Public School District (part of which is in Schoolcraft County), and those who are landowners in the county.  Proof of legal residency or real property ownership is required to qualify for a resident library card.  The documents that verify residency or real property ownership are:

One of the following:

  • Valid driver’s license issued by the Office of the Michigan Secretary of State showing local residency
  • Valid Michigan identification card from the Office of the Michigan Secretary of State

Or a picture ID and any two of the following, showing name and address:

  • Most recent monthly utility bill
  • Most recent property tax receipt for real property
  • Current lease agreement for residential real property
  • Most recent rent receipt for residential real property
  • Most recent monthly bill from a major credit card company
  • Valid voter registration card for an Alger County or Munising Public School District voting precinct
  • Listing in a current telephone book
  • U.S. Postal Service mail to the applicant postmarked within six weeks of applying

A post office box number may be used for mailing purposes on the library card registration form, but a legal residential address must also be given.  The registration form must be signed by the applicant or the applicant’s legal parent or legal guardian (see Youth Patron section below).

Non-Resident Patron Cardholders

A person who does not legally qualify for residency under the above definition shall be considered a non-resident and may apply for an annual library card for a fee.  This is because no local property taxes supporting the library have been paid.  The non-resident library card fee is charged on an annual rate, and the card is valid from the date of issue for one year. Non-resident, annual card fee is $25.  A non-resident, MSPL card can only be used by the patron to whom the card was issued.

Youth Patrons

Anyone under 18 years of age is a youth patron.  Youth patrons who are students at Munising Middle/High School have the opportunity to register for a library card through the school.  Resident youth who are not students of Munising Middle/High School must register for an individual library card to borrow library materials and/or use the library’s public computers.

All youth MSPL card registrations must be fully completed in ink. The parent or legal guardian of the person under 18 years must show proof of legal address and sign the completed registration form.  If the youth is not a student at Munising Middle/High School, the registration must be signed in the presence of at least one MSPL staff member.  If the signing parent has a MSPL library card that is blocked for fines, fees, and/or replacements costs at the time of signing, the youth registration will not be approved until full payment is received for fines, fees, and/or replacement costs.

The parent or legal guardian who signed the youth’s registration card assumes financial responsibility for all library materials charged to the youth’s MSPL card.  This responsibility includes all overdue fines, library fees, damage fees or replacement costs for any overdue, lost or damaged item(s).  The adult signing the registration form also assumes responsibility for MSPL materials charged to a youth’s card from the time the items are charged until they are checked in.

Only the legal parent or legal guardian of a minor may revoke the youth’s library card. 

MSPL abides by the Michigan Library Privacy Act2, which forbids library staff from providing anyone but the cardholder with records that identify library usage.  The library staff may give information about a youth patron’s overdue book (or other material) to his/her parents or guardians only to locate the book or material so it may be returned to library. 

MSPL does not restrict access to materials and equipment to patrons of any age2.  The staff, Library Advisory Board, and Munising Public School Board of Trustees feel it is important for parents and legal guardians to monitor the library usage of their children.  The staff, Munising Public Library Advisory Board, and Munising Public School Board of Trustees will not assume the responsibility of determining what materials are appropriate for children, nor will they place any restrictions on materials checked-out on a youth’s library card.

Lost or Stolen Library Card

If a patron’s card is lost or stolen, it must be reported to the Circulation Desk as soon as possible.  Replacement cards are available for one dollar ($1), and the old card number will be deactivated at the time a new card is issued.

Guest Pass

For individuals who do not have a library card but would like to use a public computer at the library, a guest pass is available.  A guest pass provides one hundred eighty (180) minutes of computer use per day for a fee of one dollar ($1.00).  The Guest Pass is valid only for the day it is issued.


1 Michigan Compiled Law 380.1451

2 Michigan Library Privacy Act(1982 Public Act 455, Michigan Compiled Law 397.601 et seq.)

3 Children’s Internet Protection Act (2000, Public Law 212, et seq.)