Proctoring Policy

Proctoring Policy

Purpose of Policy

Munising School Public Library (MSPL) is a community learning resource center.   As such it may serve the needs of individuals who attend post-secondary educational institutions.  Some instructors or professors will allow students to take an exam for a class with a proctor.  MSPL offers exam-proctoring services for a reasonable fee.

Services Provided

Library staff will oversee examinations by students who are enrolled in post-secondary, educational institutions with the approval of the Library Director a minimum of five (5) days prior to the exam.  Prior notice and instructions need to be submitted to the library to ensure that sufficient staff will be present to proctor the exam per the instructor’s directions. 

Prior to beginning the exam the student must show a photo-identification to library staff.  At the time the exam will be administered, library staff will prepare the exam area and ensure that the student who takes the exam has only the materials approved by the instructor or professor (removing things such as cell phones and calculators, as directed) at their disposal during the exam.  Library staff will post signs that testing is in progress during the exam and observe the student during the exam.  Staff will terminate the exam session after the specified time limit and, as soon as possible, submit the exam to the instructor or professor per the prescribed instructions.

A proctored exam must be rescheduled by the student, instructor, or professor in the event MSPL and Munising Public Schools close due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g., snow day).   Munising Public School and MSPL closure information will be posted on MSPL’s FaceBook webpage, Munising Public Schools’ webpage, Public Radio 90-FM, WLUC-TV6, and on the library’s telephone answering machine.

The library requests earliest possible notification of cancelation to the library on the part of the student, instructor, or professor.

Requirements of the Educational Institution

The person at the educational institution who is responsible for giving the exam must provide instructions about the time duration of the exam, what the student may and/or may not use (e.g., calculator, cell phone, extra paper) during the exam period, as well as other specific instructions to the proctor at MSPL at least five (5) days prior to the exam.


A fee of five dollars ($5) will be charged to cover staff time to proctor an exam in the library.

Other associated costs, as they apply, will be charged to the student.  These costs include:

  • the printing of exam on paper prior to the test at the current per page charge
  • costs of a submitting an exam to the instructor or professor, which may include:
    • photocopying, scanning, and/or printing test pages - at the library’s per page rate for these services
    • FAXes, if no other method such as scanning is practical – at the library’s per-page rate for FAXing
    • Estimated postage if exam must be mailed.